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Where Beagles Dare! helps independent e-commerce brands grow revenue & repeat visits. We’re website designers, developers, organic search elevators & content creators. If you’re looking to appear higher, engage your community, or perfect your site, drop us a line.

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“At a time in my practice life where I desperately needed someone to implement a tailored, meaningful, comprehensive strategy of website optimization, copywriting, and search engine optimization (overall brand development, really), Pete from Where Beagles Dare stepped in, took the wheel, and piloted us safely through all the marketing BS. He delivered appropriate content, and implemented a tailored strategy that works for us at a reasonable cost. I cannot recommend Where Beagles Dare! highly enough.”

Dr Corey FishPacific Crest Children's Urgent Care

“Pete completely redesigned my website, which was in dire need of a refresh. He was really friendly, helpful and professional throughout. He didn’t mind me asking silly questions and everything I requested was dealt with really quickly and efficiently. I can thoroughly recommend Where Beagles Dare! as a web design solution. Thanks, Pete!”

Eliza SouthwoodArtist & Illustrator

“We were looking for a re-design of our Shopify store, add some custom functionality and get some e-commerce advice for our next stage of growth. Where Beagles Dare! gave us an affordable quote for the design, but more importantly, they housed everything inside an easy to manage Basecamp project, so we always knew what was going on, and when things needed our attention. We're incredibly happy with the new site, and extra features. Pete at Where Beagles Dare! has energised and aided our business with his incredible e-commerce knowledge. And now, with our site content plan crafted and enacted by Pete, we are seeing record traffic and sales. Thanks, Peter! ”

Quoc PhamCycling Shoe Brand

Where Beagles Dare!

Our Story

The team at Where Beagles Dare! spent the last 8 years building & growing an online-only retail brand in the intensely competitive cycling sector, before successfully exiting in 2017. From meta to multi-language content, we obsessed over every detail (including swoonsome product photography), winning fans for our brand selection, website experience & editorial content.

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