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Lessons Learned: Riding the Retail Rollercoaster E-commerce
May 7, 2018

Lessons Learned: Riding the Retail Rollercoaster

There’s a scene in the film Parenthood when Steve Martin’s character argues with his wife about their kids; about how things will go wrong and how everything is so messy.…
March 20, 2018

10 Essential Magento Extensions for 2018

Magento retailers live in happy times. Not only is there a thriving community and a healthy marketplace for new extensions, but with rapid developments in technologies such as payment and…
- a Magento inventory analyst and marketing tool BusinessE-commerceMarketing
March 16, 2018

Launched: Inventosaur – A Magento Inventory Analyst & Marketing Tool

You know that old saying about life happening while you make plans? Well, replace plans with websites, and you’ll have an insight into the start of 2018 for the Beagles.…
E-commerce Copywriting Tips Marketing
January 10, 2018

E-commerce Copywriting Tips

We're often asked for e-commerce copywriting tips, and we don't mind one bit. In our previous lives as e-commerce retailers, we placed content at the centre of our business from…
January 3, 2018

Putting Content at the Centre of Your E-commerce Business

Faced with the thought of starting a blog, e-commerce owners might justly wonder what advantages it will bring, how often they should post, and indeed, what they should write about…
E-commerceSearch Engine Optimisation
January 1, 2018

For E-commerce SEO Success, First Be 1st

Bloated from the nog and nursing a sore head, if we have good intentions for the new year, it seems that we do our level best to meet January in…
December 14, 2017

Finding Time to Daydream

In the world of e-commerce, so much is written about how to take better care of the customer, that the poor old store owner tends to get left out of…
December 3, 2017

The E-Commerce Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

If you own or run an e-commerce store and have questions about lifecycle email marketing - what it is, what is it for, and how to get started in a…
November 20, 2017

Low sales? Give Your Product Pages A Health Check

With cashflow pressure an uncomfortable and unwelcome presence, it’s no wonder that retailers are quick to hit the discount button; clearing unloved inventory like so much snow on the front…
E-commerceSearch Engine Optimisation
October 31, 2017

E-Commerce SEO: Cornerstone Content and the Importance of Structure

There’s plenty of hooey spoken about e-commerce SEO, that so-called black art of online retail, search engine optimisation. What can seem complicated, obscure and difficult to learn, is, in fact,…
October 29, 2017

E-commerce Basics: From Great Products, Good Things Flow

From adding your awesome new logo to filling out contact details and config settings, starting to populate and build your e-commerce store is an instantly gratifying process. In these early…
October 24, 2017

For Multi-language E-commerce, First You Must Prepare

With a whole world of potential customers out there, it’s pretty natural to want to enable full multi-language e-commerce in your store. But before saying 'Bienvenido' to new business, there…
October 22, 2017

E-commerce Basics: Before Building, Ask Why

Ideas tend to create a rush of activity & excitement. In the heady early days of a new project, getting to grips with the pure mechanics of an idea can…